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One of the dragons, or enemies of a healthy marriage is busyness. Life can sometimes just sweep us away. There are times when it is obvious we are booked and scheduled up to our necks for the next X weeks. However, sometimes the busyness is subtle. Here’s another way of putting it:

Slaying the Dragon

Sometimes busyness marches down the street like an army on parade. And sometimes it crawls on its belly like a guerrilla.

I am not talking about something that is to be winked at, acknowledged and accepted. Busyness is a poison that can suck the very life out of many marriages. I know. I have counseled numerous ones with so much distance. Day by day, life and its busyness has eroded the fabric of their relationship. This enemy is more dangerous as a guerrilla because, like termites, it does a number on the foundation without you ever realizing it.

How to combat it?

1. Recognize the busyness in your life. Get it out of guerrilla mode. We all live in a busy world with busy schedules and little time for anything but what’s on the calendar. You do not have a bad marriage because you have a busy one. It’s how you handle the stuff in your life that determines the health of your marriage, your family and you.

2. Respond with an action plan. Here comes the C-word: yes, communication is essential here. Both of you simply sit down, calendar on the table, and choose when you will have your date, have that over-nighter, etc. Time together doesn’t just happen. Time for everything else seems to be that way, but not in marriage. This needs to be a joint effort. Both have to have buy-in because if you proactively set any time for your marriage, each of you will probably need to give up something. Decide together how you will address the busyness issue in your lives.

3. Revel in your progress in controlling the busyness in your life. Celebrate when you are winning the busyness battle! I have a fellow staff member that talks a lot about the weekly lunch date he and his wife have. How cool is that! When he talks about his dates he is celebrating their progress of managing their busy lives while working on their marriage.

Busyness is powerful but not insurmountable. Perhaps it cannot be eliminated (I don’t recommend becoming a hermit) but it can be managed with some advance planning as a team.

So get to it. Your marriage team is a gift! Protect that gift by working to manage your activities rather than your activities managing you and your marriage.

“So they are no longer two, but one.” Matthew 19:6a

Post from Rodney Wilson, LifePoint Marriages Pastor. Rodney has a passion for encouraging, counseling, and teaching men and women how to have great marriages that make Jesus famous. Rodney, and his wife Selma, have authored Extraordinary Marriage and The Parent Adventure. Rodney and Selma have two adult daughters, two son-in-laws, and in Rodney’s opinion the greatest grandson in the universe. You can connect with Rodney on Twitter and Facebook.


LifePoint Marriages focuses on several, what we call, “Essentials of a Healthy Marriage”. Each marriage event is centered around one of these essentials.

  • Treasure Trust
  • Pursue Passion
  • Celebrate Sex
  • Balance Finances
  • Cultivate Communication

This year at Romance and Roses, our annual marriage event in February for Middle Tennessee campuses, we are looking at Cultivate Communication. Communication is the lifeblood of a marriage. It is universal in a marital relationship because it affects every part of your life together. Communication impacts your sex life, how you handle conflict, how or whether or not you dream together, your finances, and so on. If you are in the Middle Tennessee area, keep reading. There is something for you to do, too.

Romance and Roses 2013

Much has been written on this subject to the point where it would be easy to over-complicate it and see it as not reachable. This is not the case at all. Here are some simple thoughts on keeping communication simple, therefore attainable.

Be aware
… of the need to communicate. You must let your mate know what’s going on in your mind. Husbands, being a man is no excuse. Sometimes we just have to push on through to inform our wives of where we are on certain things. The opposite of not communicating is silence.

And silence can be so easily misunderstood.

Be clear
… in giving and receiving of information. Many, many couples I counsel here at LifePoint come in with problems that are based on misunderstanding, a lack of clarity. A little effort upfront can alleviate a ton of needless conflict, needless confusion and sometimes needless pain down the road.

A wise man once said, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” Not bad advice.

Be open
… and honest with each other. This one takes some time to build trust to get to the honesty point, especially when the honesty disagrees with your mate. However, being open even when conflict results can build trust in the long run.

Just be sure in your being open that you are not brutally honest. There are a thousand ways to tell your spouse that you disagree. Pick out one that doesn’t destroy their self-esteem in the process.

My wife Selma and I will be covering more on Cultivating Communication at Romance and Roses this year. If you are in the Middle Tennessee area, we hope you will join us February 15 at the Embassy Suites in Murfreesboro, but you have to have a ticket. They are $40.00 per couple for dinner, music, entertainment by Stephen Bargatze, an amazing comedian/magician, and some beneficial thoughts on communicating with your spouse. Buy your ticket in the concourse at either Smyrna area campus on Sunday morning, February 10.

If you are not in Middle Tennessee, you can still benefit from a night of building a healthier marriage during the month of February. I encourage you to plan now for a great evening with your spouse. Make time to go out for a great meal. During that meal, share one or two memories where you felt that your marriage was really alive or healthy. One more thing, both you and your spouse read this article before dinner and then take time to learn how you can Cultivate better Communication as a couple. Share which one of the three “Be”s from above you believe will lead to a better communication and one way you want take action to cultivate that in the next month. Here’s to your healthier marriage!

Post from Rodney Wilson, LifePoint Marriages Pastor. Rodney has a passion for encouraging, counseling, and teaching men and women how to have great marriages that make Jesus famous. Rodney, and his wife Selma, have authored Extraordinary Marriage and The Parent Adventure. Rodney and Selma have two adult daughters, two son-in-laws, and in Rodney’s opinion the greatest grandson in the universe. You can connect with Rodney on Twitter and Facebook.

Bangkok Jan 2012

Turbo (left) and Diane (center) sharing a meal with Taam (right).

​One of the most rewarding things in ministry is seeing growth in someone in whom you have invested much time and prayer. Seeing a friend cross the line of faith is an incredible feeling, but watching the authenticity of that faith unfold is perhaps the greater pleasure. When your friend begins growing and scouring the Word, it gives your heart a satisfaction that can’t be outdone by anything other than God.

I watched my friend Bakery struggle with the decision to leave Buddhism behind and turn to Jesus Christ. Once he decided it was the right thing to do, I was reaffirmed and encouraged in my call. I have watched Bakery grow as he reads his Bible daily and comes to us with questions about topics that he has an earnest desire to work out.

Bakery’s faith is authentic. He is a young believer, but he is serious about the total transformation that Christ did in his life. A great privilege that comes with watching a new believer from their transformation into followers of Christ to becoming mature Christians is watching that new believer share their faith with others. Since we live and work in different spheres we have different people in our lives and I hear stories of how Bakery has shared the gospel with his family and friends that I have never even met.

Bakery shared two pieces of incredible news with me recently. The first was regarding his influence on his father who was initially angry to hear of Bakery’s decision to follow Christ. Bakery has slowly seen a change in his father where his interest in Christianity has gone up and his initial anger has become bragging on his son to others. His father is genuinely interested because of the transformation in Bakery’s life. Bakery has brought his father to LifePoint and said that his father left with a good impression on the church and Christianity. I am thankful to watch his faith in action.

The second piece of information came from Bakery’s language class for his job. He was sharing the gospel with an older man in his class and, over time, this man has decided to give his life to Christ. Not only have I watched Bakery mature as a believer, I have seen him lead another to Christ and begin a process of discipleship, which is our main focus at LifePoint. We want to disciple people who are capable of making disciples themselves. I am so grateful to be able to say that I have seen God work this out in Thailand through the influence of LifePoint already.

LifePoint Bangkok is seeing an increase in the amount of university age students coming to our events throughout the week. Many of these students are international, the largest group being from China. These Chinese students are coming for the very same reason Bakery was and is involved. They want to experience the community that we provide and the willingness to share life with them. They love that what they have found in LifePoint is genuine.

A girl named Diane is a Chinese student that has now become a regular attender. Erica Pope, who will be joining us here in Bangkok in a couple of months, had a great influence on Diane. Erica served as a LifePoint intern in Bangkok during the summer of 2012 and was able to witness Diane give her life to Christ. Diane has since joined a small group with Taam and me and some others. Diane is growing and sharing stories from her past. We are having discussion about her own baptism. What a great picture of discipleship as Diane is close enough to us to share personal stories and work out her faith alongside us.

In Bangkok, LifePoint creates an environment where we can mix in with people in all stages of life and spirituality. I am thankful to be a part of a place where I can viably see returns on investment. Our desire is to keep God’s Word the focus of our lives and our primary focus is fulfillment of the Great Commission as Christ followers. Whether watching friends cross the line of faith or maturing believers leading others to the Cross, LifePoint is about making disciples and that is our DNA…both individually and as the unified body of Christ.

Post by Seth Hood, LifePoint Bangkok Missionary. Seth has been in Thailand with LifePoint BKK since 2010. Since being sent to Thailand, Seth has married his beautiful bride, Taam, who is Thai. Seth and Taam’s impact in relationship inside and outside the church are making waves in this enormous city. You can connect with Seth on Facebook and Twitter.

One Day's Salary. Being the Church. It's Worth It.

The One Day Offering in December was a great success. Thank you is in order again! One that is of eternal significance. We are celebrating God’s faithfulness and your generosity. The response in the midst of challenging economic times and a busy holiday season is tremendous. Our total for this One Day Offering is $83,793. This total represents an increase of $23,710 from our One Day Offering in December of 2011. For you percentage point folks out there, that is 39% growth. Wow!

While it is fantastic to celebrate growth and increases, at the heart of our celebration is the needs of people being met across the globe. As a result of our generosity as a faith family and your gifts to the One Day Offering:

  • there will be less orphans and victims of human trafficking,
  • seekers in Brussels, Belgium can hear the truth of Scripture and the reality of the Gospel in their native language,
  • more young people in Bangkok, Thailand will take next steps to know Jesus and follow His plan for their life, and
  • our local brothers and sisters in Christ will discover hope during some of their most challenging days.

generosity_with_bleedsSo, let’s celebrate! Thank you for living out our characteristic of a Christ-centered life we call Generosity. We are making eternal investments. We are changing lives. We are partnering together to Send the Church to Be the Church where there is No Church. A great reminder of how bright our light is for Jesus through our collective generosity. Thank you for helping us accomplish such a wonderful response to the needs in our world for the Gospel. Be sure to mark you calendar for our next One Day Offering on Sunday, April 21.

One Day's Salary. Being the Church. It's Worth It.

An Offering of One Day’s Salary to Send the Church to Be the Church where there is No Church.

Send the Church to Be the Church where there is No Church. That is the Kingdom Dream that LifePoint has been given to glorify our King and bring His joy and peace to the world. It is vision that fuels our Biblical mission to point people to a Christ-centered life. The daily purpose of our lives to make disciples; men, women, and children who are learning from Jesus and living for Him.

One of our characteristics of a Christ-centered life is generosity. As we live generously, we break the chains of materialism, create spiritual momentum in our life and family, and we help make possible the incredible vision and critical mission God has given LifePoint. The One Day Offering is an opportunity to put into action as a faith family these very things. What a privilege we have during this season of gift giving to give gifts to God through His Body and give the one true gift, Jesus and His Gospel. This December’s One Day Offering focuses on Sending the Church and Being the Church in three areas.

One Day’s Salary for ONEless

LifePoint’s campus and sending center in Bangkok is changing lives. We are seeing Thais place their faith in Jesus, new believers baptized, and new disciples preparing to plant churches in Thailand. LifePoint is reflecting the Light of Jesus, in a spiritually dark land. One of Bangkok’s dark corners is human trafficking and exploitation. ONEless Ministries was founded in 2011 by a group of individuals, primarily LifePoint’ers, passionate about helping the most vulnerable people while spreading the gospel throughout the world. The purpose of ONEless is to continually work towards one less: one less orphan, one less refugee and one less victim of human trafficking. The One Day Offering will help ONEless ministries establish non-profit status in Thailand, extending the partnership of the organization with LifePoint, and fueling the mission of our very own LifePoint’ers. This opportunity will also allow more open doors for ministry for our missionaries in Bangkok and other LifePoint campuses. One less victim or orphan is one more who experiences the love of Jesus.

Generosity to those in need through LP’s Helping Hands Benevolence

LifePoint’s Helping Hands ministry is our weekly, many times daily, response to critical needs from those in our local community and our faith family. In most cases the care provided through Helping Hands starts with a response to a critical financial need. Utility bills are overdue and need to be caught up. A family’s food supply is running low. The water or electricity has been turned off. Children are hoping for something, anything for Christmas. LifePoint is there to help financially, but also with love and care by LifePoint’ers pointing our neighbors to Jesus. Helping Hands ministry has seen great challenges and opportunities over this past year. With our region and nation facing challenging economic times we have had the opportunity to respond to a greater number of requests for help than ever before. Your financial generosity through the One Day Offering will allow us to build our Helping Hands reserves and respond to people with critical needs in our community and care for our neighbors when they need it most.

Being the Church in Brussels

The impact of LifePoint Brussels is increasing in a nation where less than one percent of the population claims to know Jesus Christ. In Belgium today, grandparents may attend mass from time to time, parents are Catholic in name but never go to mass and new generations do not claim any religious affiliation. LP Brussels is spreading the gospel to refugees in the city, connecting to locals through their Cafe Anglais ministry, and reaching into a culture that has a growing Islamic influence (25% of Belgium). A phenomenal milestone of the impact of LP Brussels is the expansion of weekly worship gatherings. Weekly worship services at LifePoint Brussels are bilingual. Preaching is in English and then interpreted into French. Your giving through the One Day Offering will fuel the ministry of LifePoint Brussels as our missionaries plant church and build disciple making communities through weekly worship gatherings, Cafe Anglais, refugee ministry, outreach in the Muslim community and more.

For more information, please visit One Day Offering. You may give now online or by making your donation, using the One Day Offering Envelopes provided for you at your campus.