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“For as the Father raises the dead and gives them life, so also the Son gives life to whom he will.”  John 5:21

Every summer close to 500 middle school and high school students, along with 100 student ministry leaders attend Camp Whatever. A highlight of every year, we see life change happen when Jesus shows up and does something huge in the lives of teenagers.

As a church it is our desire to see students’ lives radically transformed by the power of Jesus Christ. We long to see Jesus bring life to the dead. So many middle and high school students attempt to find life in playing sports, money from their jobs, and popularity at their schools instead of looking at the giver of life, Jesus.

David McCaman, our Bangkok campus pastor and camp speaker, challenged students to see the lifeless epidemic our world sells us compared to the life that Jesus died for us to have.

During the two weeks, God brought life to the dead. We saw 46 students receive life through salvation along with 43 take a step of obedience through baptism. God is doing amazing things in and through the student ministry at LifePoint.

Thank you for you prayers, financial support, and ability to lead students to a Christ-centered life as they chase hard after Jesus.

Post by Dustin Dozier, LifePoint High School and College Pastor. Dustin has a great vision to see students running after Christ with everything they have so that they can be a light in this world. Dustin is married to Sloan, and they have three fun, energetic sons- Zion, Triumphant, and Noah. You can connect with Dustin on Twitter and Facebook.

VBS 2013 SCC

VBS 2013, “Zapped”, was an incredible week for elementary age children at both our Stewarts Creek and Smyrna campuses. Numbers only tell part of the story. But, they do give a great glimpse of the impact of our faith community serving families in Rutherford County and beyond. Over 1200 children participated in VBS between our two Rutherford County campuses. VBS 2013 saw more kids worshiping, connecting, and serving than ever at a LifePoint children’s environment. 300+ adult and student leaders gave their energy and time to produce a caring and fun environment. Children heard about the love of Jesus, connected in relationships, and engaged in tangible activities to bless others outside the circles of our church.

VBS 2013 SMYHow wonderful for children to be setting the pace for mission. What an inspiration to see boys and girls embracing the beginnings to live sent. Read these accomplishments for the Kingdom by our children:

  1. Children decorated water bottle labels with verses and prayers that are being distributed to the homeless this summer (a partnership with LifePoint Room in the Inn).
  2. Kids assembled packages for foster care families with toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair brush, stuffed animal, coloring book, crayons, and a hand-made card. They are going to kids on their first night after being placed in a foster home (partnering with Rutherford County Foster Parent Association).
  3. We had such a great response from our school supply bags we gave out last year that many local schools asked for them again this year. Kids assembled bags with basic school supplies such as pencils, crayons, scissors, glue sticks, glue, rulers, and erasers.
  4. Boys and girls put together bags of snacks with hand-made cards for families at the Ronald McDonald home.
  5. Money was given for LifePoint’s mission trip to South Mexico. The money we donated went to purchase stoves for many Mayan families. Between both campuses the kids raised over $6800. The money is VBS 2013 Offeringgoing to support daily mission projects and the Mayan families.

Thank you parents for making the time and taking the effort to allow boys and girls to participate in activities that will shape their worldview. Leaders and volunteers, way to go!

Recently at LifePoint, we began a series called Genesis: A Story of Pursuit. We are seeing through every story in Genesis, that God is relentlessly pursuing those he made in his image…us. Even after all of man’s failures—the eating of the fruit, the murder of Abel, the evil on earth before the flood, and the pride of the people in Babel—God continues to run after mankind.

Before the deception in the Eden, Adam and Eve were in perfect communion with God. Walking with him together in the garden—naked and unashamed. All that God created was good. Adam and Eve were there to enjoy and serve the Lord. When sin entered the world, communion was broken and they were banished from His perfect presence. Out of Adam and Eve’s decision to choose sin over God, came the greatest need that has ever or will ever exist—the need for reconciliation. This would become the center point of the people of Israel’s worship. God showed that death was the price of sin as he clothed Adam and Eve with animal skins after the fall. For hundreds and hundreds of years, priests would continue to offer sacrifices in attempt to cover the sins of the people of Israel, but ultimately this system would simply show that we cannot bring about our own reconciliation.

In the end, only one could satisfy our greatest need:

But when Christ had offered for all time a single sacrifice for sins, he sat down at the right hand of God, waiting from that time until his enemies should be made a footstool for his feet. For by a single offering he has perfected for all time those who are being sanctified.” Hebrews 10:12-14

So how should the fall effect the way we worship today? Allen Ross says in Recalling the Hope of Glory, “Before sin entered the world, ‘worship’ was in effect pure celebration, adoration, and enjoyment of God; but after sin entered the world, ‘worship’ had to include the process of gaining access into the presence of God as a new creation for that celebration.” Now, we not only worship God as our Creator, but us our Redeemer. The one who pursues us no matter what. As we sing, pray, give our tithes, take communion, hear the Word and do whatever else we do in our worship services, we must never forget the separation and brokenness that Jesus healed for those of us he has called to be his saints. If we fail to acknowledge the fall in our worship, it will be impossible for us to understand the power of the cross. For it was by, through, and for Jesus that God created the universe and all of its wonders, and it’s through the cross of Jesus, that God creates in us a new heart and new life so that we can ultimately gain access to “Eden” again and spend eternity resting in the sanctuary of his presence.

Post by Micah Huebner, LifePoint Stewarts Creek Worship Pastor. Micah has a strong desire to see all people passionately worshiping God in spirit and in truth. Micah and his wife, Ashley, have a 2 year old daughter named Juliet and are in the process of adopting. You can connect with Micah on Twitter and Facebook.

Neighbors at the fenceSeveral years ago Randy Frazee and Rick Howerton launched me and my family into a lifestyle of making room for neighbors. That lifestyle continues today and we continue to see the multiplication as neighbors repeat the practice.

It all began with a 42-inch picket fence. Randy, in his book The Connecting Church, encourages the readers to not build privacy fences. He says to build 42-inch picket fences so you can talk over them to your neighbors. I even joke that 42iinch tall fence is perfect height to lean on as you talk. Fortunately, when we moved into our neighborhood, both our neighbors had 42-inch sectional fences.

For the first couple of years, I would make time for neighbors by talking to them over the backyard fence. Many times I would lean on their fences and chat. This investment over time developed into a deep friendship. The couple joined our small group. We ate meals together. We helped each other with projects, doctor visits, and service to other neighbors. We shared a lot of laughter about what God had done through our relationship that started by leaning on a backyard fence.

The time came when our neighbors had to move. It was a very sad day for us. We trusted God in what He was doing in all of our lives. They moved into an apartment in a much larger city, where they knew no one.

About a year after moving, I received a call from our friends. We caught up on old times. We laughed about the projects and ‘trouble’ we used to get into together. Then my friend mentioned our backyard conversations and how I leaned on his fence as we talked about projects, life, family and God.  He complained how he thought I had wore the paint off his rail fence by standing there so many times as we talked.  He then said “You know, I am doing that same thing with a guy who is far from Christ right here in our apartment building, except I am using a truck fender since we do not have a fence.”  We both laughed out loud.

God had used a fence and many conversations over time to draw an entire family to Him. Now, He is multiplying that practice to the next recipient hours away from where it started.

Spring is here and summer is near! Beautiful weather invites you to come lean on a fence.

Post by Eddie Mosley, GroupLife Pastor. The original post is from Eddie’s blog, Connecting in Communities, where you can read more stories and gain valuable tools for leading groups. Eddie has written a book with the same title as his blog, Connecting in Communities. Eddie brings an infectious enthusiasm for people to experience life-change at LifePoint as he gives direction and strategy to adult small groups and other adult ministries. You can also follow Eddie on Twitter and Facebook.

“We really don’t know the impact of the small things that we do to touch the lives of people, but they make a difference,” says Scott Foster, the executive director of Journey Home, a ministry to the homeless of Rutherford county located near the center of Murfreesboro.

Sending Saturday

LifePoint Church sent 40 volunteers to the Journey Home to do Spring cleaning, painting, along with preparing and serving hot meals to 70 homeless men and women.

Scott adds, “We believe that having a nice place for people to come says we value you and think you are special. Many people have already commented this morning on how nice things look. There are many ways to love people, and God calls us to all of them. Please pass on to the congregation our sincere thanks for Saturday’s work as well as the ongoing monthly support for our community cafe. We are blessed to be able to work with LifePoint!”

The project at Journey home was part of a larger community event known as, “Sending Saturday.” LifePoint Smyrna and LifePoint Stewarts Creek sent over 150 volunteers to five different locations to serve in a variety of ways.

“This event is only one way our church connects with people in our local community,” according to Tim Patterson, Director of LifePoint Sending. “Through this event we want to highlight the great things happening in our community and Sending Saturday Mealdemonstrate how people can make a difference through simple acts of service. Our church scatters throughout our community every week to serve in multiple ways. Through Sending Saturday we hope to mobilize many more from our church to live sent wherever God leads them to serve.

Other projects from Sending Saturday included a packing party for ONEless Ministries, where over 40 from LifePoint put together hundreds of care kits for victims of human trafficking. Cortney Bartemus, Director for ONEless said, “I had some great conversations about people wanting to learn more and become more involved. We are honored and thankful to be a LifePoint partner. You all did a great job with Sending Saturday!” You can also follow ONEless on twitter.

A group of twelve adults and eight children worked at a local elementary school where over 60 percent of the families speak English as a second language. They painted five rooms and helped ten teachers from the school with Spring cleaning. One of the children commented to his parents, “Wow, I did not realize how much fun this would be! When can we do this again?” The principal was impressed with what the volunteers accomplished, “I wanted to express my heartfelt thank you for your assistance on Saturday. Your team was wonderful, and I so appreciate the assistance they provided in our building. I hope that we can work together in the future.”

Another project was with “Shepherd’s Closet,” a ministry that helps foster families with the practical needs that they encounter with foster children. A dozen volunteers spent Friday night and most of the day Saturday cleaning out and organizing the clothing closet for this ministry.

Wherry Housing Community Servants, a long-time partner with LifePoint in ministry with the local immigrant community, saw over 40 volunteers do renovation and construction work on several homes and a new ministry center. Melissa Wilhoite tweeted:

Had so much fun doing demolition work at Wherry Housing today! Enjoyed serving! @mjwilhoite

If you would like to learn more about local opportunities for serving in middle Tennessee, visit LifePoint’s Local Sending page or contact LP Sending Ministry Assistant Summer McKinney to connect with a local ministry. You can follow LifePoint Sending on twitter.