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LifePoint’ers at our Lynnwood Campus have been looking deeply at how Jesus made disciples. They want to move the the needle in the Northwest for the gospel and that will be done by making disciples who are living as missionaries in their neighborhoods, workplaces and communities. A core piece has been understanding that Jesus lived his life balancing three dimensions of relationship:

  1. Jesus had a deep UP relationship with the Father.
  2. He prioritized his life for IN relationships with a handful of men, the first disciples. He gave them truth and his life to imitate that involved high access, high accountability, and high care.
  3. Jesus intentionally pursued OUT relationships with those who were in need of the gospel and His Kingdom message and life.

Eggs in the ParkThis past Easter weekend, the Lynnwood Campus hosted, Eggs in the Park (view images in our Dropbox folder). The event’s focus was to model the life of Christ and pursue OUT relationships with the community. Eggs in the Park was a great community event bringing families of all types together for a fun and safe experience. 11,000 eggs for two egg hunts, bounce houses, artists, and more. Along with a mission team from the Smyrna Campus of two adults and four high school students, the event was a success! The win ultimately is the many invitations prior to the event that were made and the numerous conversations during Eggs in the Park. While hundreds of families played, gathered eggs, and took away bags of candy, LifePoint’ers were deployed on the edges and in the middle of the park connecting and encouraging parents and kids. Many of the conversations were surface conversations, positive and caring. A few moved past the surface, with people expressing their desire to connect more and find a faith family.

Now, the LifePoint Lynnwood campus is preparing for their next OUT environment where they will again invite the community for a fun family event . Once again, the priority will be conversations and relationships where beginning steps of discipleship can occur.

LifePoint Lynnwood

LP Lynnwood is also celebrating the milestone for its largest worship gathering in its short history on Easter Sunday. Ninety-one people celebrating our Risen King together. Easter weekend was a beautiful picture of scattering OUT, then gathering to celebrate our UP relationship with God. Next, LP Lynnwood leaders are taking action on how to effectively and intentionally prioritize IN relationships to make disciples who make disciples. The result will be LifePoint’ers effectively living OUT so more can experience an UP relationship with a Heavenly Father. All of this for our King, “Your Kingdom come, your will be done…” Matthew 6.

LP Brussels gathering for worshipThere are many incredible happenings taking place in Brussels these days. It is hard to imagine that in the short time the three families that were sent from LifePoint Smyrna, so much could be going on to reach and serve the city. There are seven Café Anglais groups (English conversation), three Meetup outreach groups, a new musical group called Illuminate, multiple Mercy ministries have begun and weekly community gatherings called LifePoint Brussels. All of the different ministry opportunities give LifePoint Brussels multiple avenues for being “sent into the city” for the glory and fame of Jesus.

LifePoint Brussels is meeting weekly on Sunday mornings as we worship together. Around 35 people gather each week to sing, study and discuss God’s Word as we seek to live out His truth in Brussels. He has gathered people of many nationalities and is drawing us together to make a difference for His name in the city. Please pray for LifePoint Brussels as we seek to boldly and courageously speak into a city brimming with post-modern and post-Christian urbanites. The people God brings together as a faith community each week are asking questions that show the Holy Spirit is working in their lives and families. We are asking the Holy Spirit to open their eyes to the truth of the Bible so many will surrender to Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Post by Kyle Goen, LifePoint Brussels Campus Pastor. Before leading the LifePoint team to be sent to Brussels, Belguim, Kyle served as LifePoint’s Executive pastor for eight years. Kyle, his wife Amy, and their three teenage children are leading and making a great impact in a city that is the center of influence in Europe. You can connect with Kyle through twitter, Facebook, and his blog. Continue to pray for the Goens, the LP BRU team, and their investment in the Belgium culture.

God is incredible! He is doing amazing things here in Bangkok. Our church has baptized four people this year, we  have had one man surrender to vocational ministry, and we have many people close to surrendering to Christ as Savior. I am in awe of how God has a remnant of believers that he is raising up to stand on the forefront of his movement in Thailand.

LifePoint BKK and friends at the BKK airport

The heart and vision of our team is to have indigenous leadership in every possible church position. We know that once the Thai people are empowered to lead and believe that they can do so, the gospel will spread like wildfire. Our team is making huge strides, both personally and organizationally, towards this goal. There are exciting days in store for LifePoint BKK. May God continue to grant his presence to our church and his salvation to these people.

Post by David McCaman, LifePoint Bangkok Campus Pastor. David and Jennifer, along with their young son Josiah, are leading a team of LifePoint’ers to begin a Sending Center in the heart of a mega-city and nation in need of Jesus. David has been on staff at LifePoint since 2006. You can stay in touch with David through Twitter, Facebook and his blog. Be sure to pray for the McCamans and our Bangkok campus. They would love to hear a word of encouragement from you.

Life in Lynnwood

LifePoint Church —  November 6, 2012 — Leave a comment

A heart for the people of Seattle and the Northwest.My family and I arrived in the Seattle area in the spring of 2008 to plant a church in one of the most unchurched cities in the nation.  In our 4+ years, we have witnessed God do incredible things in the lives of several individuals and families. The result is a growing LifePoint campus with a passion to impact this area with the power of the gospel.

Currently our campus is reaching close to 90 adults and children.  We have seen several people baptized and several more people commit to making disciples and taking on leadership roles within the campus.  We are very excited and thankful for what God has done in the past. We eagerly look forward to what He has in store for us in the weeks and months ahead.

We believe that this campus has amazing potential to reach out to the communities around us.  In order to more effectively reach our potential, we began a thorough examination process of the systems, programs and structure of our church.  Our goal was to determine how to more effectively accomplish our mission of making disciples and impacting the Northwest.  We are now in the process of restructuring and improving our campus in several areas.

This restructuring is primarily taking place in the following areas:

  • Leadership – Over the past few weeks we have witnessed several people accept new roles of leadership within our church.  It is exciting to watch people match their talents, skills and experiences with their passion for God and His church.  The result is people that are able to do their job with energy and effectiveness.
  • Children’s Ministry – Over the past few years we have watched our children’s ministry double in size!  To respond to the growth and prepare for more, we giving new direction for an excellent, Christ-centered LifePoint Kids in the Northwest.  We are seeing growth in the children’s experience, communication and new volunteers with a passion for children.
  • Small Groups – We are thankful for a season for a great percentage of our campus in groups. We celebrate that people are connecting relationally. Yet, we are looking at ways to improve this ministry of our campus.  We want to provide a structure that allows us to make disciples who are then able to make more disciples.  We also want to implement a structure that allows people to more effectively serve within and be a part of the community.
  • Technology – We are looking in to new online technologies that will greatly enhance our campus in the aspects of communication, fellowship, and discipleship.

Exciting days are ahead for LifePoint Lynnwood.  I believe God is allowing us to get create a better structure and organization for our campus so that He can allow us to impact even more people. I am thankful for the encouragement and support of LifePoint (from Middle Tennessee to Bangkok to Brussels) as we look to impact the entire Northwest.

Post by Dale Braswell, LifePoint Lynnwood Campus Pastor. Dale and his wife, Tina, have two school age daughters. After serving churches in Birmingham, AL and Nashville, TN, the Braswells have spent the last 4+ years serving in the Northwest. Dale has a passion for building God’s Kingdom through teaching the truth of God’s Word and church planting. You can connect with Dale on Twitter and Facebook.