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VBS 2013 SCC

VBS 2013, “Zapped”, was an incredible week for elementary age children at both our Stewarts Creek and Smyrna campuses. Numbers only tell part of the story. But, they do give a great glimpse of the impact of our faith community serving families in Rutherford County and beyond. Over 1200 children participated in VBS between our two Rutherford County campuses. VBS 2013 saw more kids worshiping, connecting, and serving than ever at a LifePoint children’s environment. 300+ adult and student leaders gave their energy and time to produce a caring and fun environment. Children heard about the love of Jesus, connected in relationships, and engaged in tangible activities to bless others outside the circles of our church.

VBS 2013 SMYHow wonderful for children to be setting the pace for mission. What an inspiration to see boys and girls embracing the beginnings to live sent. Read these accomplishments for the Kingdom by our children:

  1. Children decorated water bottle labels with verses and prayers that are being distributed to the homeless this summer (a partnership with LifePoint Room in the Inn).
  2. Kids assembled packages for foster care families with toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair brush, stuffed animal, coloring book, crayons, and a hand-made card. They are going to kids on their first night after being placed in a foster home (partnering with Rutherford County Foster Parent Association).
  3. We had such a great response from our school supply bags we gave out last year that many local schools asked for them again this year. Kids assembled bags with basic school supplies such as pencils, crayons, scissors, glue sticks, glue, rulers, and erasers.
  4. Boys and girls put together bags of snacks with hand-made cards for families at the Ronald McDonald home.
  5. Money was given for LifePoint’s mission trip to South Mexico. The money we donated went to purchase stoves for many Mayan families. Between both campuses the kids raised over $6800. The money is VBS 2013 Offeringgoing to support daily mission projects and the Mayan families.

Thank you parents for making the time and taking the effort to allow boys and girls to participate in activities that will shape their worldview. Leaders and volunteers, way to go!

The Lord is Faithful.

You have prayed for LifePoint Brussels to find the right place to call a home and God has answered. So many of you gave to the One Day Offering helping us reach our goal of a larger space so we can gather more men, women, and children to hear and respond to Jesus. Kyle Goen (LP Brussels Campus Pastor) and Daniel Christensen (LP Brussels Community Outreach Director) signed a lease this week on an office space that will become the new gathering place for our community called LifePoint Brussels. During the week LP BRU lives sent out across Brussels for ministry and outreach. They also gather weekly to worship as an expression of the body of Christ.

The LP Brussels community will begin weekly gatherings in the new place on June 16. As we prepare for that first gathering in our new place, the owners will build-out a kitchen area and a children’s meeting area for our growing Kid’s Ministry. Their current space is approximately 700 square feet for gatherings and ministry. The new location will allow LP Brussels to work with 1800 square feet plus common spaces and a restroom facility. We are the renting 4th floor office space for multi-use all throughout the week and weekend.

Thanks to our Heavenly Father for answering the prayers of His people. Thank you for praying on behalf of LifePoint Brussels and the team who are working hard to bring Glory to His name alone. Please continue to partner with us as a team as we seek to live for Him.

Brussels Space Outside

LP BRU will be on the 4th floor (top).

Brussels Space Inside

Dan is standing at the half-way point in the room. This space will allow us to accommodate over 100 people in the gathering after the room for the kids ministry.

“We really don’t know the impact of the small things that we do to touch the lives of people, but they make a difference,” says Scott Foster, the executive director of Journey Home, a ministry to the homeless of Rutherford county located near the center of Murfreesboro.

Sending Saturday

LifePoint Church sent 40 volunteers to the Journey Home to do Spring cleaning, painting, along with preparing and serving hot meals to 70 homeless men and women.

Scott adds, “We believe that having a nice place for people to come says we value you and think you are special. Many people have already commented this morning on how nice things look. There are many ways to love people, and God calls us to all of them. Please pass on to the congregation our sincere thanks for Saturday’s work as well as the ongoing monthly support for our community cafe. We are blessed to be able to work with LifePoint!”

The project at Journey home was part of a larger community event known as, “Sending Saturday.” LifePoint Smyrna and LifePoint Stewarts Creek sent over 150 volunteers to five different locations to serve in a variety of ways.

“This event is only one way our church connects with people in our local community,” according to Tim Patterson, Director of LifePoint Sending. “Through this event we want to highlight the great things happening in our community and Sending Saturday Mealdemonstrate how people can make a difference through simple acts of service. Our church scatters throughout our community every week to serve in multiple ways. Through Sending Saturday we hope to mobilize many more from our church to live sent wherever God leads them to serve.

Other projects from Sending Saturday included a packing party for ONEless Ministries, where over 40 from LifePoint put together hundreds of care kits for victims of human trafficking. Cortney Bartemus, Director for ONEless said, “I had some great conversations about people wanting to learn more and become more involved. We are honored and thankful to be a LifePoint partner. You all did a great job with Sending Saturday!” You can also follow ONEless on twitter.

A group of twelve adults and eight children worked at a local elementary school where over 60 percent of the families speak English as a second language. They painted five rooms and helped ten teachers from the school with Spring cleaning. One of the children commented to his parents, “Wow, I did not realize how much fun this would be! When can we do this again?” The principal was impressed with what the volunteers accomplished, “I wanted to express my heartfelt thank you for your assistance on Saturday. Your team was wonderful, and I so appreciate the assistance they provided in our building. I hope that we can work together in the future.”

Another project was with “Shepherd’s Closet,” a ministry that helps foster families with the practical needs that they encounter with foster children. A dozen volunteers spent Friday night and most of the day Saturday cleaning out and organizing the clothing closet for this ministry.

Wherry Housing Community Servants, a long-time partner with LifePoint in ministry with the local immigrant community, saw over 40 volunteers do renovation and construction work on several homes and a new ministry center. Melissa Wilhoite tweeted:

Had so much fun doing demolition work at Wherry Housing today! Enjoyed serving! @mjwilhoite

If you would like to learn more about local opportunities for serving in middle Tennessee, visit LifePoint’s Local Sending page or contact LP Sending Ministry Assistant Summer McKinney to connect with a local ministry. You can follow LifePoint Sending on twitter.

One Day BKKImagine reasoning that the only way to support your family is to sacrifice yourself physically, nightly in the darkest corners of society. Women in many places around the world, including Thailand, feel caught with no where to turn but to the last place they want to go…into an industry of sacrificing themselves so their family can survive. This is the life and incredibly difficult destination of thousands of women in Bangkok. The hurt is so great, our LP Bangkok team has discovered prostitutes outnumber Christians 4 to 1 in the city where we have been sent.

Along with our partner Benita and the Home of New Beginnings, LifePoint wants to show these women Jesus loves them and has a life of hope and wholeness. What a privilege and responsibility we have to make a difference! We will give and sacrifice one day’s salary through the One Day Offering so women can be “purchased” out of prostitution for an evening. During the evening, women will experience a dinner where they will be introduced to Jesus, given a sense of family as they are surrounded by the Body of Christ, and honored as creations of our Heavenly Father.

The need is enormous. The challenge and opportunity to give is clear: for the faith family of LifePoint Church to give one day’s salary as an offering above our tithes so:

Pray for your obedience and faith as we give. Pray for the resources we joyfully give to the work of the Kingdom to be multiplied beyond our own efforts. Pray for the lost and hurting to know the love of hope of Jesus.

Last week, we shared the One Day Offering initiative to support and serve Foster Children and the families who care for them. This week we are focusing on our second initiative: Making Him Known in Brussels.

The impact of LifePoint Brussels is increasing in a nation where less than one percent of the population claims to know Jesus Christ. In Belgium today, grandparents may attend mass from time to time, parents are Catholic “culturally” but don’t practice the Catholic faith and students do not claim any religious affiliation.

Adults, children, students and now interns are living incarnationally to display the love and life of Jesus. LifePointer’s connect each day with people in Brussels as they are going throughout their day-to-day life and routines. The primary ways include each day in schools, neighborhoods, and markets. They are also purposefully creating spaces to meet with people as they host groups, meet-ups, and English conversation groups. In Brussels, LifePoint’ers serve refugees and people caught in the snares of human trafficking.

As a result, LifePoint Brussels is out of room and space for their Sunday Gathering. Would you give to the One Day Offering enabling new space to be created for more people to learn what it means to be a follower and learner of the life of Jesus.  Together, we can provide more room so more disciples can be made for the Kingdom of God.

You can follow LifePoint Brussels on Facebook and see recent photos showing their reach and impact.

One Day Offering