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LifePoint Music has released its second, free song since Easter. We are thrilled to share this new song with you, and hope you are just as excited to hear it.

Along with the song, we will have three videos to share. The videos include piano and acoustic tutorials and an inside look into the inspiration of the song. We have several ways you can this share with your friends.

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The song GBLU is not just a catchy tune but a prayer and story of God’s movement in our faith family. Watch the story behind the song video below and be encouraged. God is doing great things through His people as we seek to lift Him up in our local communities and around the world.

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Neighbors at the fenceSeveral years ago Randy Frazee and Rick Howerton launched me and my family into a lifestyle of making room for neighbors. That lifestyle continues today and we continue to see the multiplication as neighbors repeat the practice.

It all began with a 42-inch picket fence. Randy, in his book The Connecting Church, encourages the readers to not build privacy fences. He says to build 42-inch picket fences so you can talk over them to your neighbors. I even joke that 42iinch tall fence is perfect height to lean on as you talk. Fortunately, when we moved into our neighborhood, both our neighbors had 42-inch sectional fences.

For the first couple of years, I would make time for neighbors by talking to them over the backyard fence. Many times I would lean on their fences and chat. This investment over time developed into a deep friendship. The couple joined our small group. We ate meals together. We helped each other with projects, doctor visits, and service to other neighbors. We shared a lot of laughter about what God had done through our relationship that started by leaning on a backyard fence.

The time came when our neighbors had to move. It was a very sad day for us. We trusted God in what He was doing in all of our lives. They moved into an apartment in a much larger city, where they knew no one.

About a year after moving, I received a call from our friends. We caught up on old times. We laughed about the projects and ‘trouble’ we used to get into together. Then my friend mentioned our backyard conversations and how I leaned on his fence as we talked about projects, life, family and God.  He complained how he thought I had wore the paint off his rail fence by standing there so many times as we talked.  He then said “You know, I am doing that same thing with a guy who is far from Christ right here in our apartment building, except I am using a truck fender since we do not have a fence.”  We both laughed out loud.

God had used a fence and many conversations over time to draw an entire family to Him. Now, He is multiplying that practice to the next recipient hours away from where it started.

Spring is here and summer is near! Beautiful weather invites you to come lean on a fence.

Post by Eddie Mosley, GroupLife Pastor. The original post is from Eddie’s blog, Connecting in Communities, where you can read more stories and gain valuable tools for leading groups. Eddie has written a book with the same title as his blog, Connecting in Communities. Eddie brings an infectious enthusiasm for people to experience life-change at LifePoint as he gives direction and strategy to adult small groups and other adult ministries. You can also follow Eddie on Twitter and Facebook.

The VanDyke family — Steve, Tiffany, Kevin and Leigha — is in vocational missions full time, having spent the past two years in Bangkok, Thailand. They also ministered in India for three and a half years before they joined the LifePoint team in Bangkok. Prior to going to India, the VanDykes have been a part of the LifePoint faith family for years, having they served in several ministry areas and experienced wonderful growth in their faith in Jesus.

Van Dykes

“LifePoint Bangkok exists to point Thais, and other internationals, to a Christ-centered life,” Steve says. “We want to see and catalyze a movement of multiplying disciples, leaders and churches among the Thai people. We are trying to accomplish this by building relationships through teaching English and other outreach activities, always being ready to share the Good News with those who need to hear it.”

Steve says his family and the rest of the LifePoint team is working with several Thai believers, pouring into them as potential leaders in the church.

“These are the ones who will really influence other Thais for Christ,” Steve says. “Several LifePoint staff are co-leading small groups with our Thai leaders as well, which gives them the opportunity to lead and teach the Bible.”

Tiffany helps manage the family’s busy schedule, and she also cooks much of the food for the Friday night activities, which the Thai people love.

Children Kevin and Leigha attend an international school, which normally would be expensive, but God has blessed them with scholarships. The financial director of the school is a Christian, and wants to have more Christian children as influences within the school, Steve says.

“So, as a family, we have a responsibility to represent Christ to those who need to know Him that are in our own circles of influence. Many consider our decision to live as overseas missionaries a sacrifice, but we count it as a privilege to be working for the glory of God, and that one day we can see the knowledge of His glory cover the earth as the waters cover the seas.” (Habakkuk 2:14)

You can follow Steve and Tiffany on Facebook and discover more of their story of how God is using them to send the Church to be the Church. Pray regularly for the Bangkok campus and the VanDykes as they make disciples in our culture void of the Gospel.

Volleyball for Jesus

LifePoint Church —  February 27, 2013 — Leave a comment

Early last summer, Reed Mitchell and Justin Theriot knew they had a large opportunity on their hands. Inspired by a Wednesday night message by R.C. Ford at LifePoint’s Stewarts Creek Campus, the two college students decided to put their heads together to figure out how to be more intentional with their faith.

Image credit: Taylor McBride

Image credit: Taylor McBride

“We had been playing volleyball all summer, in mine or Justin’s yard with neighborhood kids and other friends that we would invite,” Reed said. “Then one Wednesday night, R.C. was speaking about being intentional with whatever you do. What really stood out to me was when he said, ‘When you are hanging out with people who are not Christians, if you are not actively moving towards sharing the gospel with them, or sharing the gospel with them, then you are just wasting time.”

“I remember getting a call from Reed asking me to come over and talk,” said Justin. “One of the first things he said to me was, ‘I just can’t take having all these people over at my house to play volleyball, and knowing that some of them are going to Hell because they don’t know Jesus,’” he said.

“So we started brainstorming about ways to show these people Jesus rather than just telling them about it.” Justin said. “So we decided to not really have a Bible study or small group after our volleyball games, but just a time of fellowship and getting to know each other,” he said. “It started off where 8-10 people would stay, and we would talk…and eventually God would be brought up in conversation. It just turned into this type of ministry where Reed and I could just show love and invest in these students’ lives.”

What started as a ministry to 8-10 people began to grow rapidly. Initially, around 20 people would show for the games, with about half sticking around to talk afterwards. After four weeks, the word began to spread about this “volleyball ministry,” and the numbers grew into the sixties, with 30-40 students from all over Smyrna and Murfreesboro staying to talk about Christ after the games.

“It just started to grow and grow,” Justin said. “We went from having 5-on-5 games of volleyball, to having literally 80 kids show up for volleyball and fellowship afterwards. “We began to have guest speakers come and speak after the games or show Christian movies [on a projection screen].”

“It got to the point where we had too many people for just one person to talk to,” Reed said. “So I began to divide people up into small groups, making balanced groups of believers and non-believers, and just encourage them to talk about Christ and share their testimonies,” he said. “Leaders in those groups really stepped up and really invested in these people.”

“It grew into this weekly event that people were excited about, that was centered on Christ and sharing His love,” he said. “Lives were changed though God working there.”

One life that was changed through God working in this ministry was 18-year-old Joey Zelenak, who was invited to the event by two friends who had been attending regularly throughout the summer.

“My friends Kaitlyn and Kathryn told me about it,” Joey said. “The church thing wasn’t really my scene, but they made this sound fun, so I decided to give it a shot.”

The first night Joey attended, he was one of the students who stayed after the games and participated in the intentional conversations led by Justin, Reed, and the small group leaders.

“Honestly, I stayed because I didn’t have a ride to leave,” Joey recalled with a laugh. “But I was also curious and wanted to see what they had to say. I had never had spiritual conversations before, and I enjoyed it.”

Joey became a regular attendee of the volleyball nights, and was eventually invited to come to church by Justin. After his first Wednesday night at the Stewarts Creek campus, Joey knew that it was the place for him.

“It was very different than any church experience I’d had before,” he said. “The songs were very engaging, which I really liked. I also liked that the message because I could relate to it.”

After his third Wednesday at church, Joey made the decision to follow Christ.

“I just got really pumped about it,” he said. “It just hit me and I knew it was right. I just had this want for more and more knowledge about Christ. I just knew it was right.”

Since becoming a Christ follower, Joey has joined the student worship team at Stewarts Creek, playing electric guitar and leading students in worship every Wednesday night.

After seeing the effects of Reed and Justin’s intentional faith, Joey has developed a similar desire to spread the truth of God’s word among his peers.

“Right now all my friends and people I hang out with are my church family,” he said. “But I promise, when I make new friends, I will be inviting them to church. I will definitely be inviting them.”

Joey was baptized on January 20, 2013. You can watch his baptism video below.